• Physician Benefits:

  • Make More Money
  • Be More Efficient
  • Less Hassle In Your Practice
  • Provide a Higher Level of Service
  • Provide a New Level of Service
  • Better Outcomes
  • Greater Patient Satisfaction
  • More Patient Referrals
  • More Network Referrals
  • Consult From Anywhere

Physicians, Specialists and Nurse Practitioners

Physician practices are under attack! Join our telehealth network to compete.

Last year alone more than $7 Billion was invested in new digital health companies ($6 Billion the previous year) and many of these are Telemedicine/Telehealth companies that want to steal away the DrVisits of your established patients with their contracted physicians.

DrVisit, Inc. is a service provider which was created to help physicians keep their established patients and offer a new and higher level of service that provides many benefits to your practice, your patients and your payors.

In addition to providing the DrVisit.com web app and technology platform, we provide training and customer support. We also provide retention marketing services to help physicians promote this new level of service to their established patients.

When you join and use DrVisit.com for all your telehealth consultations, you become part of "The DrVisit Telehealth Network" which will help you gain many new patient referrals over time. If you would like to be contacted to explore joining our telehealth network, please submit your contact information below.

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