• Benefit Employees & Families:

  • Saves Healthcare Costs
  • Greater Convinience
  • Saves Time
  • Easy to Use
  • Diagonosis and Treatment
  • More Preventive Care
  • Improve Employee Health
  • Greater Access for Employees
  • Reduce Employee Absenteeism
  • Benefits Employee & Dependants

Employers, Health Systems, Pension Plans and Insurance Companies

Lower healthcare costs and provide a new and higher level of service for your employees, retirees or established patients. Telehealth DrVisits can greatly benefit your organization whether it be an Employer, Health System, Pension Plan or an Insurance Company.

DrVisit, Inc. is a technology service provider. We provide the DrVisit.com web app, technology platform, training and customer support for patients or employees. We can also help you promote this new level of service to your employees or established patients.

When you contract with DrVisit, Inc., we can work with your physicians and medical providers or use our own telehealth network, The DrVisit Telehealth Network, which will help you save on healthcare expenditures and provide a higher level of service for your patients or employees. If you would like to be contacted to explore working together, please submit your contact information below.

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